St. Mary's Woods

Signature Programs

See what our residents have to say about all the great activities at St. Mary's Woods!

OMA Program

Handcrafted bowls created by St. Mary's Woods residents.

Opening Minds through Art (OMA)
OMA is a researched-based intergenerational art program.  In 2015, St. Mary’s Woods partnered with Art for the Journey, a nonprofit group of artists, to launch the first OMA program in Richmond. Elder artists and volunteer partners (university students, artists and community volunteers) meet to create colorful abstract art.

The class is a bridge of friendship and understanding built between the elders and their volunteer partners.  The elder artists get to experience the joy and freedom of creating art.  Volunteers have myths of aging quickly erased. A highlight of each OMA session is the gala art exhibit and reception.

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Yarn Club
This takes knitting to the next level!  Residents knit and crochet items for various groups and causes, including:
• St. Mary’s Hospital: baby caps for infants and shawls for elderly patients
• McGuire Veterans’ Hospital: scarves for homeless veterans
• Threads of Hope: crocheted squares used by Central American women to make goods they can sell to support their families

These are just a few of the ways that the Yarn Club works to make a difference in our local and global community!

Cognition Ignition
Recent scientific research demonstrates that the brain responds to mental stimulation like muscles respond to physical exercise. No matter what your age, you still have the ability to learn new things and build neuroplasticity in your brain.
Created right here at St. Mary’s Woods, the Cognition Ignition brain health class is held twice per month and combines trivia, education, puzzles, social engagement, and fun into a wonderful, brain-stimulating program!

Empty Bowls Dinner
​The Empty Bowls Dinner began in October 2015.  Residents in our on-site ceramics class made 100 soup bowls for a dinner hosted by St. Mary’s Woods to benefit local charities that provide services to the homeless and underserved.  The dinner has been held every year since with over $5,000 (and counting!) raised so far for local nonprofits.

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