St. Mary's Woods

Community Outreach

At St. Mary’s Wood, we continually reach out to various groups and organizations to support the greater Richmond area. We host regular meetings for a variety of civic and charitable organizations at our community.

“Making a Difference” is the name of the partnership program between Pinchbeck Elementary School and St. Mary’s Woods. This intergenerational program is designed to provide extra attention to students who need additional help reading. St. Mary’s Woods residents who have volunteered to be Reading Buddies meet each week in the classroom with one or two students selected by their teachers.

Some of the Reading Buddies are former teachers themselves, but most are not.  They are, however, parents and grandparents who helped their own family members learn the joy of reading. In addition to building skills, the students and seniors are building relationships between two generations who see the world through very different eyes.

Residents are enthusiastic about the progress of each of their students. Teachers are appreciative of the extra attention these students are able to receive from the St. Mary’s Woods volunteers.